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This page contains a lot of information about Everybody Edits. It has explanations about what certain things are, and should answer your questions if you have any. However, if you are still confused, or have questions on something not covered here, feel free to ask a staff member, or check out the fan Wiki.

In Everybody Edits, you are able to get more items than what you start out with by buying them in the shop. Most items in the shop can be obtained for free with Energy, while some can only be bought with gems. In the shop, there are five main categories of items: smileys, blocks, worlds, auras, and classic. Classic items can only be bought with gems.

In Everybody Edits, there are two "currencies" that can be used to buy items in the shop: energy and gems. Each player has a default maximum of 200 energy. You are able to increase your maximum energy by playing worlds and finding magic coins or beating worlds in Campaign Mode. Once you spend your energy, it will automatically refill, even when you are not playing the game. This allows you to receive nearly every item in the shop for free! Gems allow you to buy items faster, and allow you to purchase the items in the classic tab. You can either pay for gems, by clicking "Get Gems" at the top of the lobby; or receive free gems by beating worlds in Campaign Mode. Unlike energy, once you spend your gems, they are gone. So make sure you spend them wisely!

Worlds are the levels that players create, edit, and play in Everybody Edits. Worlds come in different sizes, ranging from "Small Worlds" (25x25 blocks) to "Huge Worlds" which are 300x300 blocks (that may not sound like a lot, but once you've tried one, you'll probably agree that they are pretty big!).

Blocks is what makes Everybody Edits. They are what you use to create and edit worlds. You can find blocks at the bottom of the screen in the quick select panel. You can view all of your blocks by clicking on the "more" tab. When you first join Everybody Edits you will get a small set of blocks to use. You can get more blocks in the Energy Shop. There are four categories of blocks; "Blocks", "Action", "Decorative", and "Background".

Smileys are the graphical representations of players in the game; an avatar if you will. As a new player you start out with a small selection of smileys. You can get more smileys in the Energy Shop. Some smileys are special and can only be obtained by collecting coins.

All worlds feature an in-game chat, where players can talk to each other while in that world. The Everybody Edits staff does its best to moderate the chat and makes sure it is safe and clear of inappropriate or offensive content. If you abuse the chat by posting any content that we may find inappropriate, you risk getting banned from the chat or from the game entirely. You can report abusive behavior by using the /report command.
The chat system also contains a command access. These commands can be used to complete various tasks. All commands available to you can be found by using thing /help command. For more information on an individual command, use the /help followed by the command (EX: /help /kick). More information on the command will be displayed in the chat log.

In general, each member contributes their ideas as well as provide feedback on these incoming ideas. Everything is discussed and agreed upon together. This way, we can be sure we get the best out of everything and we can look at everything from different perspectives. Sometimes we have a long debate, sometimes we agree instantly.

We're all online pretty much every day discussing a variety of topics, working on the game, keeping track of progress, working on new things while dealing with incoming issues. Some people sometimes say "pls maek new update now" as if it takes a few minutes to do. As much as we'd like to be able to pull new stuff from our wizard hats, it takes a lot of time, work, and planning to get things done! We're all doing this in our free time, so, even though most of us do spend at least a few hours a day on the game, it takes a while to make new stuff. It really is hard work! So while everyone contributes, each person also has their own role within the staff:


XENONETIX, formerly known as MEGALAMB, is the owner of ZendroForce Ltd., the company which owns both Everybody Edits and EE Universe. He also deals with incoming reports as well as general moderation.

Development Team

In general, the developers are concerned with the creation of new content and fixing problems with the game.


BYTEARRAY (formerly TECHNOWOLF99), the leader of the development team, works primarily on EE Universe. In addition, he works on several behind-the-scenes matters of the game.


CERCUL1 works on both the client side and the server side code for Everybody Edits. He's also leading development of EE Offline, which allows for playing old EE worlds once the game is shutdown.


LUKEM works on both the client side and the server side code for Everybody Edits. In addition, he works on several behind-the-scenes matters of the game.

Design Team

The Design Team creates graphics for the game.


KENTIYA, the leader of the design team, creates various graphics for the game.


KOYA creates graphics for the game and assists KENTIYA.

Moderation Team

As the title describes, the moderators' primary role is to moderate the game and make sure the atmosphere remains friendly and pleasant. They help out with other general tasks, such as bug testing, discussing future updates, and communicating their ideas for the game.


GRANDSWORDSMAN26 moderates in-game and deals with incoming reports.


LRUSSELL moderates in-game and deals with incoming reports.


ZOEY2070 moderates in-game and deals with incoming reports.

Campaign Team

The Campaign Team creates new campaigns for the game, and manages featured levels.


KIRBY, the leader of the campaign team, creates campaigns for the game.


MASTER1 assists KIRBY with creating campaigns for the game.


TIRALMO assists KIRBY with creating campaigns for the game.
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