EverybodyEdits is a 2D tilebased multiuser platform/maze game where players themselves can create and edit the worlds in real time. Players can own an unlimited number of worlds, and can give editing rights to any other player. All editing of worlds is live, so any changes are applied instantly to all other players in the world. Worlds are voted up by the players playing them.

Energy Shop

The Energy Shop is where you can spend your energy or gems to purchase new items, to use in the game. You can purchase additional smilies, blocks, worlds, and potions. Since your profile only holds a certain amount of energy, you can "make payments" on each item.


Energy is used to buy items in the shop. Each player has a default max energy of 200. You can raise your max energy by collecting magic coins or winning contests. Your energy will refill automatically, even when you are not playing the game.


Gems are used to buy items in the Energy Shop. You get gems by purchasing them with real money, or winning contests. However, gems are not the only way to get items in the Energy Shop. Gems cannot be turned into energy, or vice-versa. To buy gems, click on the 'Get Gems" button at the top of the screen.


Worlds are the levels that players create, edit and play in EverybodyEdits. Worlds come in different sizes from "Small Worlds" (25x25 blocks) to "Great Worlds" that are 400x200 blocks (that may not sound like a lot, but once you've tried one, you'll probably agree that they are pretty big).


Blocks are what make up Everybody Edits. They are what you will use to create and edit worlds. You can find blocks at the bottom of the screen in the quick select panel. You can view all of your blocks by clicking on the "more" tab. When you first join Everybody Edits you will get a small set of blocks to use. You can get more blocks in the Energy Shop. There are four categories of blocks; "Blocks", "Action", "Decoration", and "Backgrounds".

Normal Blocks

The blocks section of your inventory displays all of the blocks available to you when editing a world. Blocks in this section are blocks that players can stand on and not pass through.

Action Blocks

Action blocks are blocks that perform an action when players touch them. Some action blocks can only be purchased in certain amounts at a time.

Decorative Blocks

Decorative blocks are used as graphical assets only. Players cannot stand on decorations, they pass through them. Some decorations appear on the foreground layer, which means players pass behind them.

Background Blocks

These blocks are used to add a backdrop. They can be placed behind any block, and players can pass through them.


Smilies are the graphical representations of players in the game. As a new player you start out with a small selection of smilies. You can get more smilies the Energy Shop. Some smilies are special and can only be obtained by collecting coins.


Woots are used to basically thumbs-up a world that you like. Woots you give a world do not last forever, and the worlds in the lobby are sorted by the number of woots they have receieved as default. You can always choose a different way to sort the worlds.


All worlds feature an in game chat, where players can talk to each other while in that world. The Everybody Edits staff does it's best to moderate the chat and make sure it is safe, and clear of inappropriate or offensive content. If you abuse the chat by posting any content that we may find inappropriate, you risk getting banned from the chat or from the game entirely. You can report abusive behavior by using the /reportabuse chat command.


The in game chat facilitates some commands that can be used to manipulate the game state and/or manage worlds. Some commands can be performed by anyone in a world, and some are restricted to only the world owner. All commands start with the backslash character "/".